Course curriculum

    1. May 2023

    2. January 11, 2023 (Edited Jan 31)

    3. December 1, 2022

    4. Oct 24, 2022

    5. June 2023

    6. August 12, 2023

    7. September 6, 2023

    8. October 11, 2023

    9. December 2023

    10. January 2024

    11. February 2024

    1. What to Expect

    2. Video 1: Introduction

    3. Next Monthly Live Engagement Session: February 27, 2024 1pm ET (6pm UK time, 3am AEST)

    4. Next Monthly Live Engagement Session: March 22, 2024 4pm ET (9pm UK time, 6am AEST)

    5. Recommended Readings

    6. Additional Lessons

    7. Chat Details from Recorded Sessions

    1. The Human Element

    2. Video 2: The Human Element

    1. The Horse Perspective

    2. Video 3: Horses

    3. Video 4: Myths and Misconceptions

    1. Horse-Human Interactions

    2. Video 5: Horse-Human Interactions Part 1

    3. Video 6: Horse-Human Interactions Part 2

    4. Video 7: Horse-Human Interactions Part 3

    1. Putting Theory into Practice

    2. Video 8: Horse-Human Interactions Part 4

    3. Video 9: Horse-Human Interactions Part 5

    4. Managing Expectations

    5. Suggested Activities

    6. References

    7. Summary

About this course

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  • 3 hours of video content

Going beyond horsemanship...

Many of us are aware of the role of learning theory and psychology in how horses and humans relate in equitation, training and horsemanship. This course looks deeper into what we need to know to develop lasting social bonds with horses beyond the operant conditioning of training and behavioral shaping. In order to build a realistic picture of horse-human relationships, we look at the science of how humans and horses create social bonds within their species and how these strategies overlap to create a framework in which to build friendships with horses. All of the material in this course is based on recent research and science in a range of fields including ethology, psychology, neurobiology, anthrozoology, and all fields of equine science. This course features a series of videos that teach theory in addition to suggested activities to help you build a better friendship with your horse. The material is set up in a way that allows participants to move through the material at their own pace and includes access to monthly meetings with the creators to ask questions, discuss options, and explore new research. Students have access to course material for two years after purchase